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The Parade of Two Centuries

[Robyn L. Kirsch]  A big family event is coming to Belleville on Friday, April 25. It is another feature in the string of events and activities planned for the year-long Belleville Bicentennial 200 celebration. And it is the Belleville Bicentennial […]


Organic Recycling

[by Brenton Ebersole]  March is the season when everyone, gardeners especially, start to realize that winter may not have a permanent hold on the world around them. The morning frost is fading quicker and night temperatures are less likely to […]


Heartbreakers Crush Queen City

On January 25, Straight Up Magazine welcomed Confluence Crush Heartbreakers Women’s Roller Derby to their new home at Belleville’s Belle Clair Expo Center. The Crush won their first home tournament and provided a crowd of over 800 fans a double-header […]


New River Bridge Connects East to West

[by Mark Polege] – Website Exclusive  Larger than expected numbers of Missourians & Illinoisans braved the damp, bitter cold temperatures on Saturday, Feb. 2nd to be among the first to trek across the new Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge, connecting […]


Dream of Green

[by Brenton Ebersole]  This winter has been a wet and windy change from our recent history, with record lows and heavy snow fall. With such a shift, attention is brought to our climate and ecology here in the Metro East. […]


Life on Wheels – The Confluence Crush

[by Robyn L. Kirsch] There is new excitement coming to Belleville’s Belle-Clair Fairgrounds and Expo Center. And it’s coming January 25th. It is the Confluence Crush Heartbreakers Roller Derby team. It’s a culture of women empowering one another–lifting each other […]


This Land Is Your Land: Belleville’s Bicentennial Park

[by Dan Cross]   When I moved to Belleville in 1996 (after growing up in Minneapolis, a city famous for its beautiful lakes and parks), one of the things that surprised me most about the Metro East was the scarcity […]


To Tree or Not to Tree

[by Brenton Ebersole] It is the holiday season and the time for putting out all the traditional decorations is upon us. Arguably, the most recognized icon in the western world’s Christmas is the evergreen Christmas tree, decorated with lights and […]


This Is How It Begins: Old Salt Union

[by Mark Johnson] The yellow and green converted shuttle bus, christened Rosemary, looked like a punk living room inside. A worn rug lay on the floor, black curtains lined the back windows, and band stickers were stuck over parts of […]


With the Saving of Seed

[by Brenton Ebersole] One of the most economical additions to a home garden routine and a great step toward self sufficiency is the time honored tradition of seed saving. It allows for easy access to the varieties that performed well […]

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Oh to Go to TOCO 2013

[by Paul Seibert] TOCO Fest. It’s an institution. It’s twelve years old this year. And it’s bigger and better than ever. TOCO Fest. It’s a three day outdoor festival that offers an amazing array of activities: camping, music, art, food […]


Anticipating Autumn

[by Brenton Ebersole] As this unusually cool summer comes to a close, the general concern may be that there isn’t any more time to grow your own food in the garden. Even if you have yet to attempt a fall […]


Refresh Thyself

[by Brenton Ebersole] In the dead heat of the summer, what’s more refreshing than juicy berries? The woodlands of the Metro East have a plethora of fresh, tart berries ripening throughout the hottest part of our summer season. The frequent […]


Friend and Foe

[by Brenton Ebersole] It would be hard not to notice the amazing impact the moist spring has had on the natural world around us. The drastic difference from the ample rain and longer duration of the cooler temperatures has been […]

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